This conference programme aims to give senior industry professionals access to new ideas, solutions and innovations to help take their departments and companies forward. The agenda is pitched at a high level and we endeavour to present new case studies and new thinkers on the programme each year.

Keynote and seminar sessions give a high-level view of the  industry, offering predictions and insights to help delegates form their future strategies. The interactive workshops and discussion groups complement the larger sessions by drilling down into specific issues, allowing delegates to share their collective experiences and to learn how their peers are dealing with similar situations.

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  • Disrupt yourself: Business model innovation to transform financial services for the digital future

    Kamales Lardi, digital transformation strategist, Founder & Managing Partner of Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH
    The pervasiveness of digital disruption necessitates that financial services leaders completely rethink and transform their organizations to remain relevant in the digital economy.

    Existing vision or roadmap of operations will no longer bring the same returns in the future. The pl...

    Turbulent Times - hot spots and hot heads in Asia

    Dr. Karl Pilny, author and Asia expert, Founder & Managing Director of asia21 gmbh
    At the beginning of the 21st century the world is well into the Asian Century.
    However, increasing political and economic uncertainty creates frantic hopes and anxieties at the same time. From Kim Jong Un to Donald Trump, from Xi Jinping to Putin and Erdogan- what is the impact of these h...

  • “Next generation Fintech”- Insights about the latest developments of emerging players in the fintech space

    Marc P. Bernegger, Serial Web and Fintech Entrepreneur

    - Why did it take so long for FinTech startups to evolve?


    - Overview about Fintech in Switzerland and worldwide


    - Outlook


    Leveraging on investment banking to contribute to the development of the Swiss financial industry: The REYL Group example

    Christian Fringhian, Co- Head of Corporate Advisory & Structuring at Reyl & Cie S.A.

    Example of Swiss tradition and international expertise:
    Combining traditional Swiss financial markets’ expertise with innovative solutions that meet the complex requirements of its clientele of international investors and entrepreneurs.

    Seeking creative ...


    Blockchain and its impacts on financial transactions

    Heinrich Zetlmayer, Board Member at Lykke Corp.

    The distributed ledger technology has a fundamental impact on financial transactions and trading processes. ICOs achieve significant valuations and tend to change the way we think on financing growth companie...


  • The impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulation on the financial services industry

    Sébastien Fanti, Data Protection and Transparency Officer at Canton Valais WIPO certified Lawyer and Notary

    Innovation in financial services: How can our organizations evolve to foster innovation?

    Nicolas Bonvin, Head of Digital Banking Solutions at Banque Pictet & Cie SA
    Financial institutions are under increasing pressure and are primed to the same kinds of disruption that have affected other sectors. Innovation is now a priority to keep, or gain, a competitive position.

    This talk looks at the practices of innovation champions – from startup...

    Paradoxes in Regulation

    Jan Langlo, Director of ABPS, The Association of Swiss Private Banks
    New rules present more and more contradictory requirements. We will explore them by looking at recent developments in the following fields:
    • Automatic exchange of information in tax matters
    • Banking secrecy within Switzerland
    • Data protection
    • T...

  • Emerging Asia - what to expect?

    Dr. Karl Pilny, author and Asia expert, Founder & Managing Director of asia21 gmbh
    How will the world order, in particular Europe, Russia & the CIS, the Middle East & Africa and the Asia-Pacific dramatically change over the next years? What does this mean for you and your business activities in Switzerland as well as in above mentioned regions? What do you expect regarding clients and business partners in those regions? In this interactive session we will discuss the impacts and consequences of these developments on your daily business.

    High quality client feedback – how to make it possible in Private Banking

    Loredana Hormuth, Director and Head of Digital & Client Services, EMEA at Barclays Wealth and Investment Management

    Gathering feedback - and make good use of it - is key to every client centric organization, Private banks are no exception. Traditionally reluctant to standard surveying clients, we find ourselves often Banks lagging behind in building and driving formally Net Promoters Score as a significant ...


    Social media: a nice-to-have or a must-have for private banking?

    Bernard Schuster, Group Head of Communications at Union Bancaire Privée

    The relationship model with clients has changed dramatically in recent years, not least with the emergence of social media. Social media networks offer banks the chance to directly engage with current and nex...


  • Efficient Family Business Governance

    Håkan Hillerström, Managing Director/ Owner at Hakan Hillerstrom Family Business Advisory
    • The "due-diligence" A. The family tree  B. The triggers
    • The process - work with the whole family
    • Personal interviews
    • List of issues
    • Options going forward
    • The difficult part - ...

    Direct Investment to generate opportunities and yield

    Pierre-André Montjovet, Managing Director of Banque Profil de Gestion SA

    1) Historical roots and main drivers of growth

    2) Key considerations and drivers of inte...


    How can alternative asset classes such as art and collectibles further enhance your wealth management offer?

    Alain Mestat, Executive Director of PassionProtect
    Wealth Managers need to constantly enhance their current services offering
    Art & Collectibles have become a full fledged Asset Class
    Providing solutions within the Art & Collectibles space will further enhance the wealth manager positon vis a vis his/her clients
    What ...

  • How blockchain will drive Innovation in financial services

    Nagib Aouini, Head of Cyber Security at ELCA Informatique SA
    Blockchain will drive transformation for businesses across multiple sectors, particularly for the financial services. It will simplify banking by increasing the quality of offered products & services and radically Speed up bank processes. The results are improvement in the efficiency of the KYC / AML process, cutting the middle man, performance of fast payments, instantaneous settlements and enablement of execution of
    smart-contract for insurance. ELCA will be presenting concept and use cases that can be used by financial services for more innovation.

    How to light up the tunnel of blocked innovation in Wealth Managament

    Iavor Tzolov, Head of Consulting at Additiv AG
    Demanding investors versus limited Resources in wealth management providers is the pre-eminent dilemma in financial services. 80-90% of IT-Budgets are allocated to run the Bank, instead of creating a brighter future. Spot on, which tools or technologies will bring back the light.

    How to gain consistent returns with preservation of capital

    Fabrizio Palmucci, Senior Product Specialist at Jupiter Asset Management
    While the Fed is pressing on with the tightening cycle and balance sheet deleveraging investors are wondering how to position their portfolio to both grow and protect assets.
    The presentation will tackle the main macro theme...

  • Is looking for ‘episodes’ as investment opportunities a dangerous strategy? After all, if investors are panicking, can’t this become self-fulfilling? Insights into behavioural finance and asset allocation.

    Agathe Proust, Business Development Manager at M&G INVESTMENTS
    “Episodes” are periods in which markets become driven by behavioural rather than fundamental considerations. Investors may become overly focused on one issue, become too concerned about the short term, and fall victim to a whole host of biases which can create opportunities. We believ...

  • Move to your next level, enhance your life

    Vincent Laplaze, Action Types and Wingwave Consulting, Coaching, Training, NGH hypnosis therapist, Fencing Master World Champion

    Happy walk with Wingwave coaching music; Trip (or journey?) in your five senses; to enjoy the present and enhance your life.

    Action Types Approach coaching;
    Correlation between your natural body language and physical strengths to your brain and mental strengths; to relax, use them and move to your next level.

    Self-Hypnosis resource place(s) and word(s);
    Trip (or journey?) in your own space and time.


    Pokerface – from winning and losing

    Poker Experience by Grand Casino Baden AG

    Ever wanted to play poker? Or are you a poker-professional?



    Keith Coats, Specialist Leadership and Global Trends Speaker/Consultant
    As always a real plesure to work with Richmond Events, I hope there will be many more opportunities in the future. Thank you.


    Pierre- Yves Augsburger, Senior Consultant, Fuchs & Associés Finance SA
    Extremely well organized and the sessions I attended were of great interest and quality.

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